Eagle Valley Exports specializes in supplying and sourcing ingredients, supplements, and natural foods to and from Japan. We leverage our connections in Japan with our understanding of the cultural, social and regulatory environment to build lasting, mutually respectful business relationships.

The Japanese Market

Measured on a purchasing power, Japan in 2015 ranked as the fourth-largest economy in the world. Japan’s nearly $5 trillion economy is over 59% driven by household consumption. Approximately 10% of Japan’s $625 billion in imports come from the United States and it imports about 60% of its food on a caloric basis.

Eagle Valley Exports specializes in the sale of health conscious, natural and organic foods and health and beauty supplements to Japan. We continually seek unique, niche products and brands from the USA and Europe and high quality, organic superfoods from around the world that will be valued by middle and upper middle class Japanese consumers and sold through both traditional and online distribution channels.

Eagle Valley Exports exercises great care in selecting specific products that will meet the demands of discriminating Japanese consumers. In addition to product quality, packaging plays a key role in communicating value.

The slightest flaw can cause a Japanese consumer to believe that a product must have been produced by a company with low standards and therefore not worth its price, or even unsafe.

Many Japanese believe that U.S. and European food standards are among the highest in the world. They exercise great trust in both American and EU organic certifications and will pay a premium price for products that can be certified organic by both U.S. or EU and JAS (Japan Agriculture Standard).

Most of the products sold into Japan by Eagle Valley Exports are sought out based upon specific requests from our Japanese distribution partners. In addition, Eagle Valley Exports is always looking for unique items that we can present to our distribution partners and clients for consideration.


Doing Business in Japan

A Japanese friend once described the difference between Japanese and U.S. culture as the difference between farmers and hunter-gatherers.

Japan's cultural history extends back thousands of years. Its 126,000,000-plus residents (98.5% Japanese) live in a land area roughly the size of Montana, and although only 5% or so of its people are currently farmers, the "law of the harvest" provides a good metaphor for Japanese cultural perspectives.

Eagle Valley Exports connects producers, distributors and consumers in the U.S. and Japan. Japan is our specialty as leverage our connections, relationships and our understanding of cultural and social context.

Our product emphasis is organic foods and health supplements. We continually seek unique, niche products and brands from the USA and Europe and high quality, organic superfoods from around the world that will be valued by middle and upper middle class Japanese consumers and sold through both traditional and online distribution channels.

The Hunter-Gatherer

In contrast, from the Japanese viewpoint, we Americans sometimes act like hunter-gatherers:

From their perspective, we will emphasize speed and cost-savings over quality. We sometimes emphasize the value of being the "first to market", over having a "long-term" market presence. Our business models tend to emphasize data and numbers over business relationships. We talk about "facing the brutal facts," more than we emphasize societal harmony. We talk about "superior customer experience," but we often fail to deliver. We run to the courts to litigate our differences rather than settling them through "good-faith discussions."

What this means is that when the average Japanese company or individual considers doing business in the U.S., or with a U.S. company in Japan, its context is often news images painting Americans as litigious and combative (spilled coffee at McDonalds, street protests, etc.). On the other hand, Americans are also viewed as innovative, entrepreneurial, big-hearted, generous and quick to forgive. By understanding our cultural backgrounds, sensitivities and viewpoints we create common ground for shared success.

Things to Remember

When we work with our Japanese clients and partners, we remember to:

  • Maintain a long-term perspective
  • Be polite
  • Prepare to answer many detailed and precise questions about plans, processes, timelines, etc.
  • Be punctual
  • Under promise and over deliver
  • Expect the negotiation process to take a while, and plan to ask detailed questions in order to make sure we understand what’s going on— "we’ll think about it" often means "no" in Japan.
  • Overcome concerns about how to settle differences
  • Be ready to strictly follow the laws/regulations and be a good corporate citizen if opening a business in Japan

Things to Know Before We Take The First Step

Intellectual Property - IP is respected and well protected by Japanese Laws. Eagle Valley Exports retains legal counsel in both the U.S. and Japan to help our clients and partners navigate various legal and contractual matters as we move forward.

Trademarks - Japan is a party to the Madrid Protocol covering international trademark application/registration. Unlike the U.S., there are no "common law" trademark rights in Japan. Japan is a "first to file" jurisdiction, rather than a "first to use" jurisdiction. Thus, it is very important to file trademarks early.

Patents - Japan is a party to the Patent Cooperation Treaty, so patents filed in the U.S. according to treaty procedures may be localized in Japan. In some cases the examination standards are more rigorous in Japan than in the U.S.

Contracts - There is a striking reflection of our cultural differences. Japanese contracts are typically very short (2 to 3 pages is very common) and to the point.

Law of the Harvest

The Long Term Perspective - Japan's deep, relatively homogenous cultural roots have given its people a long-term perspective on individual and corporate behavior.

Social Responsibility - The Japanese place a very high value on "social responsibility." Selfishness, or too much independence is considered very negative. A Japanese proverb, でる釘は打たれる, or "the nail that sticks up gets hammered," is a good example of the negative connotation associated with getting too "independent."

Cleanliness and Aesthetic Beauty - Japanese people feel an obligation to leave a clean, orderly world for future generations. Each is expected to consider the long-term "harvest" of its present actions. Japan's clean streets are only partly a result of efficient city work crews. In early morning walks we often see shopkeepers sweeping and scrubbing the streets and sidewalks before they open their doors for the day. It is also common to see business men and women in suits and ties don company t-shirts and spend an hour sweeping up trash around their office building.

Packaging and Merchandising

"The first bite is with the eye," is a saying in Japan that describes their obsession with food packaging and merchandising.

"Japanese consumers are the most demanding in the world, so packaging standards are high," says Neil Kozarsky, Japanese packaging expert and CEO of the US-based packaging consultancy Technical Help in Engineering and Marketing (THEM).

"Marketers and packaging professionals in Japan have different priorities; above all they must convince arguably the planet's most demanding consumers that no detail has been ignored and the quality of the final presentation is unsurpassed. The Japanese use essentially the same materials to package their food and beverage products as we do (paper, metal plastic, foam, foil, glass and wood); the chief difference is every product has to look perfect and function flawlessly," Kozarsky says.

What we do...

Exports to Japan

BULKshop™ Retail Systems

Rosseto is a leading manufacturer of quality serving solutions for the retail, hospitality and food service industries. Eagle Valley Exports is the distributor for Rosseto BULKshop™ retail solutions in Japan.

Natural Jam

Jam and preserves made from naturally sweet fruits often blended with unexpected surprises like Amano Artisan Chocolate, whiskey blends from Park City Utah’s High West Distillery, fine Amaretto, Madagascar vanilla beans and carefully selected spices. Most of the time no sugar is added unless it is a sprinkle of Muscavado. No additives. No preservatives. No sugar substitutes.

Balsamic Vinegar

We offer a unique twist on balsamic vinegar. Modena Balsamic blended with fresh blackberries and strawberries. Or, aged Balsamic Vinegar with Tart Montgomery Cherries soaked in Frangelico (Hazelnut Liqueur) then reduced with a melted blend of 70% cacao Amano Artisan Chocolate. Available in multiple cases of 4oz or 16oz bottles.

Amano Chocolate

Eagle Valley Exports is proud to represent Amano Artisan Chocolate in Asia. Amano has won nearly hundreds of International Gold and Grand Mater awards and more than 30 International Gold, Silver and Bronze medals. World famous, and world’s best. Amano has been a featured seasonal gift in PrinTemp Ginza and new flavors are now available in 2oz bars, 3 oz bars and bulk 10kg cartons for professional confectioners.

Single bean origin dark chocolate in finished 2oz or 3oz bars or bulk drops in 10kg cartons.

Raw Natural Honey

Certified Naturally Grown* on family farms. Highest quality honey created on land not treated with pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and synthetic fertilizers, by antibiotic free beehives. Honey is not pasteurized or filtered, only lightly strained to remove unwanted particles. Raw honey has an indefinite shelf-life.

*Certified Naturally Grown is the grassroots alternative to Certified Organic for family-sized farms and apiaries.

Cold Process Artisan Soap

Artisan Soap, Bath Salts, Skin Scrub

Eagle Valley Exports offers private label premium quality bath & body soap.

Old fashioned soap crafted by artisans and boutiques in the USA. Cold process soap making ensures the best quality natural product with maximum long lasting scent.

Every bar is hand-made with fresh with natural ingredients. No sulfates, parabens, preservatives or petroleum products. All oils are un-processed and non-GMO. The perfect natural product for people looking for alternatives to using harsh chemicals on their body.

Loaded with anti-oxidants and vitamins, artisan soap reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and helps soothe and moisturize itchy dry skin which may be associated with acne, eczema or psoriasis.

Individually Boxed or in bulk

Made in the USA

Toe Juice

Refreshing feet one toe at a time.

The natural way to beautiful feet. Ideal for: Foot odor; rough, dry places; tired, burning feet; itchy, dry skin. Appropriate for all skin tones. Absorbs quickly. Infused with DemaVine, a blend of plant extracts that enhances the skin's natural beauty.

Foot odor: Helps eliminates foot odor in its tracks. Dries fast and leaves no oily or greasy residue

Rough, dry patches: Helps soften and improve the appearance of dry, rough skin spots

Tired, burning feet: Cools burning, sore feet day or night

Itchy, dry skin: Helps soothe dry, itchy skin

Daily usage: Great for use after long days on your feet, outdoor exposure, exercise and shaving

Made in USA

Eagle Valley Exports is the exclusive exporter of ToeJuice products throughout Asia.

Tiger Nuts

Eagle Valley Exports offers TigerNuts to Japan by the metric ton, 800 kg per pallet.

Organic whole

Organic peeled (mechanically peeled)

Conventional whole

Conventional peeled (process peeled)

TigerNuts flour (520 micron to 33 micron)

TigerNuts oil (23 kg drum)

Cyperus esculentus, also known as “chufa,” Tiger nutsedge is a tuber considered to be a health food since its consumption may help prevent heart disease and thrombosis and might activate blood circulation and reduce the risk of colon cancer. It is is rich in energy content (starch, fat, sugar, and protein), minerals (mainly phosphorus and potassium), and vitamins E and C and contain almost twice the quantity of starch as potato or sweet potato tubers.

Chufa oil can contain 18% saturated (palmitic acid and stearic acid) and 82% unsaturated (oleic acid and linoleic acid) fatty acids. In ayurvedic medicine tiger nuts are used in the treatment of flatulence, diarrhea, dysentery, debility and indigestion.

Tiger nut oil is also used in the cosmetic industry. As an antioxidant (because of its high content in vitamin E) it helps slow down the aging of the body cells and improves the elasticity of skin to reduce skin wrinkles.

Determined to be a paleo food, chufa tuber starch granules have been recovered at Mashantucket, Connecticut during excavations dating to the early Archaic period in North America, about 9,000 years ago. The tubers are believed to have been a source of food for those Paleo-Indians. It has also been estimated that C. esculentus ranks among the oldest cultivated plants in Ancient Egypt, no doubt an important food and medicinal element pre-dating and during dynastic times.

Super Foods

(Varieties of organic and conventional grain, powder, flakes, slices, chunks, dried, gelatinized)

Quinoa - grains, flakes, powder

Amaranth - grains

Chia - seeds, powder, oil

Cañahua - grains. flakes


Lupinus - beans

Cacao - beans, butter, powder, nibs, (paste) liquor

Goldenberries - dried

Maca - chunks, powder

Mesquite - powder

Camu-Camu - powder

Yacon - syrup, powder, slices

Aguaje - powder

Lucuma - powder

Mango - slices, strips, powder

Organic Fruit and Vegetable Powder

Whole Food Powders


Acerola Cherry

Aloe Vera


Barley Grass


Bell Pepper

Blue-Green Algae



Brussels Sprouts Powder





Coconut Water

Colloidal Mineral Powder




Grape (Kosher)

Green Papaya Powder


KAMUT® Brand Wheat Grass




Mango Puree Powder

Oat Grass











Swiss Chard



Wheat Grass

Juice Powders


Acerola Cherry

Aloe Vera


Barley Grass


Bell Pepper

Blue-Green Algae



Brussels Sprouts Powder





Coconut Water

Colloidal Mineral Powder




Grape (Kosher)

Green Papaya Powder


KAMUT® Brand Wheat Grass




Mango Puree Powder

Oat Grass











Swiss Chard



Wheat Grass

Cacao Products

Cacao Products

Sources include The Dominican Republic, Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela…

Cacao powder

Roasted Cacao nibs

Cocoa butter

Cocoa Liquor


Almonds (raw)


Pecans (halves, pieces)

Walnuts (light, dark, halves, large-medium-small pieces)

Herbs and Spices

Herbs and Spices (whole, ground)


Anise Seed


Bay Leaves

Beet Root

Bell Pepper - Green

Bell Pepper - Red

Caraway Seed



Cayenne Pepper

Celery Seed

Chili Pepper - Red

Chili Pepper - Roasted







Dill Seed

Dill Weed

Fennel Seed



Garlic - Roasted



Lemon Grass

Lemon Peel



Mustard - Brown

Mustard - Yellow



Orange Peel




Pepper - Black

Pepper - White


Poppy Seed


Rosemary Antioxidant


Salt - Sea


Sesame Seed








Spice Blends






Herbs De Provence





Santa Fe


Nat Amaretto Type Flavor

Nat Almond Extract

Nat Anise Extract

N&A Black Walnut Flavor

Nat Brandy Type Flavor

Nat Cherry Extract WONF

Nat Chocolate Extract WONF

Nat Cinnamon Flavor

N&A Coconut Flavor

Nat Coffee Flavor

Nat Ginger Flavor

Nat Hazelnut Type Flavor

Nat Lavender Flavor WONF

Nat Lemon Extract

Nat Lime Flavor

Maple Flavor WONF

Nat Orange Extract

Nat Peppermint Extract

Nat Pistachio Type Flavor

Nat Raspberry Extract WONF

N&A Rum Type Flavor

Nat Spearmint Flavor

Nat Strawberry Extract WONF

Organic Vanilla Premium, Cold Extract

Nat - Natural

N&A - Natural and Artificial

WONF - With Other Natural Flavors

Essential Oils

Organic and Conventional

Cold Pressed Oils

Expeller pressed Non-GMO and organic oils that are valued for excellent frying quality and resistance to smoking or discoloration. They also have a pleasing taste, and resist developing off flavors.





Safflower: High Oleic


Sunflower: High Oleic

Mid Oleic

Seeds, Grains, and Flour


Organic and conventional sourced from North and South America.

Chia Seed Black, White, multi-color

Flax: Brown, Golden

Millet: Whole, Hulled

Mustard: Brown, Oriental, Yellow

Popcorn: Butterfly, Mushroom

Sesame: Natural, Hulled

Sunflower Kernel



Barley: Whole, Hulled, Pearled

Buckwheat: Whole, Groats, Grits, Kasha

Cereal Grains: Durum, Rye, Spelt, Triticale, Wheat

Corn: Blue, White, Yellow

Quinoa: Black, Red, White

Rice: Brown, White, Wild


Flours, Flakes, Meals, Grits

Ancient Grains

Cereal Grains

Dry Edible Beans



Beans, Lentils, Peas

Dry Beans


Black Eye Peas

Black Turtle



Great Northern









Black Beluga


French Green

Large Green



Yellow: Whole, Split



Yellow: Whole, Dehulled/Split

Packaging, Labeling, Filling

Eagle Valley products can be exported in bulk or in finished packaging in bottles, bags, jars, pouches, etc.

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